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Cricket Fantasy: Predict & Win!

Users are awarded points for predicting answers to 7 key events in any given cricket match and can top the leaderboard for prizes in free play or win real money the more points they gain in our cash play version of this fantasy meets bet builder type game.

About the game

Introducing NE Games' Cricket Match Predictor, a refreshing take on the popular bet builder style wager, where players must give answers to a series of intriguing question and receive points when their answers are correct.

The unique points system establishes a direct connection between the points awarded and the actual odds of a match outcome, allowing for more points to be earned by choosing unlikely results. Unlike traditional odds-based bet builders where every selection must be correct, this points-based system allows players to reach a payout threshold even with several incorrect answers.

Match Predictor engages players with 7 intriguing questions, such as: "Who will be top batsman?" and "Which bowler will take the most wickets?" This groundbreaking method goes beyond traditional betting, transforming the experience into an interactive quiz-like challenge that heightens engagement and adds a tremendous dose of enjoyment!


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