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Jackpot Craze: Big Win Predictions

Our Jackpot offerings allows you to decide on 1x2 or correct score markets, to offer 7 matches up to 15 and to offer jackpots as regularly as you would like to and excites users with the opportunity to win big.

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About the game

For a modest entry fee, NE Games offers an incredible opportunity for players to win a life-changing payout when playing games attached to the ‘Football Jackpots’ brand.

Each Jackpot game features a varying number of hand-picked football matches, anything from 6 to 15, with the payout reflecting the difficulty of accurately predicting every single match result correctly.

While many players will enjoy the thrill of carefully strategising their picks, Football Jackpots also offers customers the convenience of auto-picking results at random or selecting the favourites from the match list – a feature that increases entry numbers!

With jaw-dropping payouts and affordable entry fees, Football Jackpots encourages multiple entries and repeat business as players are aware that lottery-style winnings are within touching distance.

Benefits of NE Games Free to play games

Free-to-play games offer a low-cost strategy for acquiring new customers and serve as a valuable tool for engaging existing clients who have not yet transitioned to a paid product.

By collecting contact information during player sign-ups, invaluable data can be gained, greatly supporting ongoing marketing efforts.

Plus, offering free games can help boost your sites reputation as they are perceived positively by customers – who will keep coming back to partake in the free fun!


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