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Football Instincts: Top the Leaderboard

Answer 7 questions such as first shot on target and first booking in our fantasy meets bet builder football product. The less likely a prediction happening, the more points that can be gained to top the leaderboard in free play or climb the money ladder in cash play.

Drive your gaming revenues

NE Games’ Football Match Predictor places a unique spin on the increasingly popular bet builder style wagers. In this challenging game, you earn points by answering a range of questions within a single football match, and your payout is determined by the number of points you accumulate with accurate predictions.

As the points relate to the true odds of a match outcome, players can secure more points when selecting an unlikely occurance. This points-based system means payouts are not reliant on all selections being correct as players can reach a payout threshold even with several incorrect answers to the 7 questions.

Unlike traditional odds-based betting, Match Predictor captivates players with engaging questions like "Who will score first?" and "When will the first goal be scored?" and gives players the freedom to take the odd risk knowing the can still win without betting perfection being achieved.

Benefits of NE Games Free to play games

Free-to-play games offer a low-cost strategy for acquiring new customers and serve as a valuable tool for engaging existing clients who have not yet transitioned to a paid product.

By collecting contact information during player sign-ups, invaluable data can be gained, greatly supporting ongoing marketing efforts.

Plus, offering free games can help boost your sites reputation as they are perceived positively by customers – who will keep coming back to partake in the free fun!


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