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Cricket Pick6: Predict & Win

The incredibly popular Pick6 football game with a cricket flavour. Correctly predict the match winner and highest run scorer in 6 matches to top a free to play leaderboard, or play for cash to win some great cash values.

About the game

NE Games has brought a revolutionary change to the cricket game genre with the introduction of their one-of-a-kind 'Hit 6' product! This game takes the highly popular Super6 football prediction game, applies it to cricket, and injects it with thrilling innovations that elevate the excitement to a whole new level.

Players are asked to decide the match winner and top batsman of each of the 6 chosen T20 matches. While the ultimate jackpot awaits those who correctly predict the results of all six games, substantial profits are up for grabs if players accurately guess three, four, or five match scores - an appealing feature that sets Hit 6 apart from its rivals!

The daily Hit 6 always features the most captivating matches from the world's biggest T20 leagues! Engaging and challenging, it guarantees an adrenaline rush as players track their predictions while real T20 games play out – something that is guaranteed to add interest to any cricket fans day!


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