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Free & Paid: 6 Match Score Predictor

A 6 Match Correct score predictor game offered for the top 6 fixtures each day. As well as the tried and tested free to play version for acquisition and retention, we have modelled a pay to play version with configurable margin and payouts.

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Request a demo

About the game

NE Games Pick 6 offering has all the plus points of the incredibly popular Super 6 football prediction game but with some innovative feature updates that takes the game to another level!

While a jackpot is payable to players that correctly predict the results of the 6 games, considerable profits can also be gained if three, four or five match scores are guessed correctly – giving players a compelling reason to play!

The best available matches from the world’s biggest leagues will always be selected for the daily Pick 6, so the games will always be engaging and challenging to football fans.

Benefits of NE Games Free to play games

Free-to-play games offer a low-cost strategy for acquiring new customers and serve as a valuable tool for engaging existing clients who have not yet transitioned to a paid product.

By collecting contact information during player sign-ups, invaluable data can be gained, greatly supporting ongoing marketing efforts.

Plus, offering free games can help boost your sites reputation as they are perceived positively by customers – who will keep coming back to partake in the free fun!


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