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Shoot for Glory: Football Skills

Users choose their team and enter a single game or a World Cup tournament and try to score as many goals as possible by beating the keeper (using our innovative shooting system). There is a simple pay to play mode with fixed odds and a free to play game with a weekly leaderboard format.

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About the game

Penalty Shootout proves a great pay to play option for football fans, both during the football off season and all year round.

Experience the electrifying excitement of Penalty Shootout, a game that delivers the nerve-wracking intensity of a genuine spot kick contest.

The game immerses players as they take control and direct their aim towards a specific section of the goal. Anticipation then builds as the ball is sent goalwards and the keeper tries to save the kick.

A variety of game modes and payouts structures amplify the experience, even rewarding players in some games when missing!

And with a staggering payout of 20,000 times the stake for penalty perfection in tournament mode, players will feel incentivised to try to score every goal – a feature that keeps players coming back for more!

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